Chaos Reins

Hi all!

For the past several months, chaos has reined supreme in my life. Since my last post, I’ve been to New Orleans for a week and Costa Rica for 10 days. I’ve packed, moved, and am still unpacking a month later. I’ve written three drafts of a manuscript, four drafts of a conference proposal and (a minuscule) part of a chapter in my PhD thesis. For awhile, it seemed like my life wasn’t going to get back on track and, more importantly, like my Babylock Tempo and I were never going to get to see each other. However, it is with great joy that I make the following statement:

I’m sewing again!

And now for the photographic evidence. I must say, when I get going, I can be quite prolific. Here are just a few pictures of what I’ve been working on. (For some reason, I can only get thumbnails in this post. Click on the image to view full size.)

2013-06-02 20.12.07 April’s Gen X Quilters Sister’s Ten BOM
2013-07-27 10.04.07Pictured as a WIP, this quilt top is actually 90% done. But it’s a gift!
2013-08-13 18.16.37
I got this Garden Fence pattern from the blog over at Hyacinth Quilt Designs. This might be all you see of it for awhile. It too is a gift for someone special.

I’ve also been doing some crocheting. I’m pretty excited that I’ve picked up this craft again, even if it is only simple squares.

2013-07-12 21.24.02 2013-08-11 20.54.16

Alright folks, time to get back to work! Hopefully you’re enjoying your summer. The weather in Boston is FANTASTIC today!



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