This past year has been pretty decent. Here’s why:

  1. I didn’t kill anyone (trust me, that’s a huge accomplishment!).
  2. I spent two summer weeks in Italy. Traipsing around Rome and Tuscany gives one a little bit of perspective.
  3. I tried (and failed miserably) to start a flourishing Etsy business with my BF and a friend of ours. All yarn crafts. We probably got into the swing a little too late, though, seeing as how most of our wares were winter accessories.
  4. I started quilting. I thought it might be a passing craze, but much like Hakuna Matata, turns out it ain’t.

For 2013, here’s what I hope to accomplish:

  1. Redesign and expand this blog. Having received some Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver courses as a Christmas present (Thank you!!), I foresee this to be a fun project! I think the expansion might include a bit more science-y thingamabobs too.
  2. Build up an inventory and head out to the mean streets of local craft fairs. I’m hoping my good friend over at Entropy Crafts can help show me the ropes!
  3. Organize my life. I am seriously one of the most unorganized human beings that ever existed (okay, okay, some of those people on Hoarders have me beat, but I’m not far behind!). I spend hours drooling over the organizational tips and tricks on Pinterest but have a complete inability to transfer those skills to my own life. Well, this year it’s time to learn.
  4. Complete my Oral Qualifying Exam. What is that, you ask? It’s the next hurdle to receiving my Ph.D. You don’t hear me talk about it often (although it is in the title of my blog…) but I am working toward my Ph.D. in Chemistry. Completion of this resolution will first require that I don’t drop out entirely and attempt to live off my earnings as an amateur crafter.
  5. Quit smoking. ‘Nuff said.

What are your resolutions? Any suggestions for the blog? Let me know in the comments!

Happy New Year!



One thought on “Resolutions

  1. Jessica @ We Have Chemistry Together!

    Hey Steven! Love your blog!

    I think my only recommendation is to network, network, network. It’s the best thing I’ve done. Find link up parties on other blogs, and join in the fun! Also, try some Twitter chat parties like #talknt, or join communities like ThreadBias. (It’s great for quilters… are you signed up there?)

    I’m thinking of trying out the whole Etsy store thing myself… definitely more nervous now that I’ve read how your experience went. O.o

    Looking forward to what you have in store for 2013!


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