Santa’s Little…er…Big Helper

That’s what I feel like. I’ve been busy, busy, busy in my sewing cave, whipping up Christmas presents, stockings, and gift bags. For now though, I’m taking a break from cleaning up the sty that is my apartment to give you all an update on my random sewing projects.

Now, I can’t share everything as most of it is supposed to be a surprise for Christmas, but here’s a taste:

  • I finally finished the Christmas table runner for myself! Pictures to come soon. Promise.
  • Five stockings! I purchased Laurie Wisbrun’s Brr collection as my primary fabrics (they aren’t represented well in the photo below as I’d used up most of them by the time I got to the fifth stocking). The remainder were random holiday fabrics selected from my LQS.


  • I also wrapped all of my presents with fabric bags! I found some cute holiday prints at my LQS, including some hubba-hubba-hunks from Alexander Henry’s All I want for Christmas Pin-ups. Let me tell you, I had a hard time cutting that one up. I was able to save some for myself though. Think I’ll do a wall hanging highlighting the boys. Yummy. Anyway…they weren’t the only featured fabrics on my holiday bags. Also had these, all lined up and ready for shipping today:


(click the image for a larger photo and you can see the cute puppies!)

Well, folks, that’s all I have for today. More to come after Christmas.

Happy holidays!



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