My first finished quilt

I’ve had the span of a few weeks now to get some work done. Sewing work, that is. I finished the table runner I was working on during my last post. The binding came out a bit wonky in places, but for my first time, I think it went pretty well! Luckily for me, the recipient (my grandmother) can’t see well enough to find my mistakes.

In other news, I found out last week that a friend of mine was in the hospital. The doctor’s had discovered a mass in her brain and she was going to need surgery to remove it. I had a strong urge to whip her up something comforting, but I had to do it fast! Enter this lovely gem:

It’s based on this pattern by Cheryl Malkowski (it’s a free pattern from I modified the color scheme from the original Christmas version and voila! I started this project several months ago after finding these three fabrics that I thought were well-coordinated. Since then, it’s been sitting in my stash, unfinished, but in large strips of the blocks. Finally I had a perfect excuse to finish it!

I didn’t have enough time to machine quilt it, so I opted for hand-tying. If you look close in the picture above, you can find the knots. It was a long night, but I got it done. (I forgot to get finished photos. Grr.) My first finished quilt (the table runner doesn’t count)!

The holiday mood has finally struck, so now I’m off to finish some more holiday gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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