Finish Line

I’m not a finisher. I typically get bored with whatever crafty mayhem I’m working on long before it’s finished. Ask my boyfriend’s mother. She’ll be happy to tell you about the half-finished queen-sized afghan she got for Christmas last year. I made the mistake of too much planning with too intricate a design that couldn’t be pared down to a smaller size. It currently resides on her bed. Half an afghan. And she never misses an opportunity to remind me.

That’s why I like the instant gratification of small projects. Quilting has that benefit. In less than an hour I can cut up some fabric, sew it back together and have a piece of something beautiful (to me, anyway). But I have yet to finish an actual quilt. The excuses abound. Mostly, why would I want to risk ruining the gorgeous quilt tops that I’ve just finished? It’s also quite difficult to maneuver a large quilt on a domestic sewing machine.

But I’m determined to finish something. Enter this gem:



I wanted to make my grandmother something for Christmas. The University of Alabama is her favorite football team, and crimson and gray are their school colors. So, with that in mind, I opted for a fairly simple pattern (it starts out with 2.5″ strips of fabric sewn together, believe it or not). Five of these babies sewn together, add a 2″ gray border and wham-o, I’ve got a table runner. 

Back to the main purpose of this post though: I’ve actually started quilting it!



It’s just some simple straight line quilting, and it’s taking FOREVER, but I’m excited to finally be finishing something. Maybe it’ll get done tomorrow…

FYI, for all you non-quilty folk, the quilt bloggers refer to unfinished projects that they are currently working on as WIPs (works-in-progress). Also, they typically blog about them on Wednesdays. Go figure. I’m not that fancy yet. Speaking of fancy, check me out on Twitter: @KraftyChemist.



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