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Welcome to the Krafty Chemist!

Whew! That was an ordeal-and-a-half. It’s a blog eat blog world here on the interwebs, so coming up with a unique blog name that summarizes me and my intent for this blog was no easy feat.



Nevertheless, here you are. Welcome! That’s me up there, about 30 lbs lighter and in a much warmer climate, but still me. You should know that I don’t really have time for a blog. I’m a full time graduate student (studying chemistry, as the title of this blog implies), but I try to balance out my life with things that I enjoy. To wit, I am also a crafter. My primary craft at the moment is quilting, but I use the word roughly. I haven’t done any actual “quilting” up to now, but I have pieced many a quilt top.


An angry amigurumi pear


My various other crafting enjoyments include scrapbooking, crocheting and knitting. I’ve dabbled in blogging before, but never in the realm of crafters’ blogs. My previous failed attempts at blogs focused either on my crazy life (don’t worry, you’ll get a healthy dose of that if you stick around), my crazy cat (what was I thinking?!) or my penchant for all things green (not the color). Crafters, on the other hand, are serious about their blogs. 



My first finished top

I picked up quilting this year just as spring was entering its state of full glory. I maintain that yarn crafts are strictly winter hobbies, and so I needed something to fill the void during the warmer months. I spent a lot of time just reading up on techniques, patterns, fabrics, etc. I watched videos (Missouri Star Quilt Co.‘s Jenny Doan is a favorite of mine) and read blogs. Turns out these people are serious about what they do. And their passion became my passion. It was another couple of months before I gathered the nerve to give it a shot.

I have at least five projects going at the moment, maybe more (I have a hard time keeping track…I’m a bit schizophrenic when it comes to these things). You’ll be hearing more about them later.


So, what is this blog all about then? Sure, there’s the crafting thing. Maybe some tutorials. Hopefully some finished projects. I hope that some of what I share will inspire you to join in the fun! I also want to share news articles in the world of science (don’t hit that snooze button just yet!), chemistry, education, and anything else I find of interest. 


Stick around! I’m usually good for a quick laugh if nothing else.